Introducing books to children at an early age

We here at Munchkin Mansion believe that reading skills are an integral part of learning.  Having books from infancy up develops our fine motor, social, cognitive and imaginative skills.  An Infant learning to hold a book and turn the pages is the first step in literacy and language development.  Take the time to point at pictures, and name what they see, wether it is an object or a color or even a movement.  Soon enough that infant will be pointing at the pictures themselves.  Yes the attention span of an infant will not last through an entire book, but developing our focus and attention skills is very beneficial to us. 

 A toddler can use the book as a social interaction, by developing their sharing skills.  A preschooler might want to make up their own story.  Encouraging a child to read to you is a great way to expand their creative and emotional selves.  It is hard at first, but asking your child what they see, and what might be happening in the pictures allows them to explore their creativity.

The excitement of new books is a great experience! Opening the box, sharing with friends. Touching the new textures.