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Munchkin Mansion is a not-for-profit daycare organization creating quality daycare spaces in Saskatoon for a few years now. We are a team of professionals thriving to enable, energize and enhance childhood by fostering growth of mind, body and spirit which will lead our children to become lifelong learners. We nurture young minds in a culturally appropriate environment and provide opportunities that will help them realize their true potential. Our philosophy is to provide each child with great values, love and protection needed to grow a healthy mind and body. Our stimulating environment and scientifically based curriculum nurture’s the roots and lay the foundation to help every child achieve success in all phases of life.

Jyoti and Jagriti realized the need for daycare when Jyoti was working for another daycare. They had multiple families on the waitlist that needed daycare. They decided to do something about it. Once they started researching about it, they realized the chronic demand for quality daycare throughout the province. They reached out to families on personal level to verify the stats and came across multiple challenges that families were facing due to lack of licensed daycares such as not enough subsidized spots, unlicensed facilities were providing way too much T.V to children, no outdoor time, no curriculum, the provider parent communication was zero, food was unhealthy and not according to Canada food guide. They also came across another family whose child was hit at daycare due to not being able to communicate his needs. This was very disheartening for them and they started to find ways to bring change to all this and hence started opening a series of daycares that would provide best possible care to every child.

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Meet our Team

Our team of hardworking and dedicated professionals is determined to provide best care for your child and we look forward to be a part of their development years.


Jagriti Dhingra


Jagriti has always loved working towards a change for children in different countries. She has been a director of a Cancer Foundation for Children for 6 years. She always voices her concerns for the rights of children. Jagriti volunteered in Cancer Research Foundations, where she met suffering children and decided to work towards the cause. She was never reluctant to leave her comfort zone and become a part of the not-for-profit organization. Her social and management skills are an asset for Munchkin Mansion as she stands by her passion to serve Childcare Industry in Saskatchewan as the Co-Founder of Munchkin Mansion Early Learning Centre Inc.


Jyoti Sharma


Jyoti has received her ECE level 2 from the Government of Saskatchewan. She was working at a daycare centre when she decided to start her own daycare. She wanted to help parents easily access childcare and not be on the wait lists for years. She has always wanted to work with children for children. Since starting Munchkin Mansion she has been been able to connect with many families over the years. Her experience as being able to understand children minds is the biggest asset that she provides to the organization.

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Team of Educators

Our team of highly qualified educators are passionate to work with your kids and help them develop important life skills.

Darcie Anderson

Centre Director

Darcie is a level III educator with 28 years of experience and is passionate about kids.

Lovedeep Kaur


Lovedeep is a Level II educator, and has also worked as a primary teacher in the past.

Michelle Luciuk


Michelle is a Level III early childhood educator from Saskatoon, with 20 years of experience.

Poonampreet Kaur


Poonampreet is a level II educator and one of the most popular educators amongst our kids.

Tena Parker


Tena is a Level I educator and is a proud mother of a rescue horse and loves kids.

Sushma Roy


Sushma is a Level I educator, and a proud mother of 2 boys.

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