Construction update on our new childcare centre

Are you as excited as we are? Our new centre is coming along.  It is fun to stop in and see the progress.  Some of our furniture has begun to arrive.  The crew is currently working on the plumbing installation.  We have been shopping up a storm looking for shelves and storage.  There are lots of new educational toys on their way as well.  We have met with the contractor to discuss our plans for the outdoor play area.  There is lots to plan with 7200sq feet of outdoor area.  We see a gross motor area, a bike path, a sand area, a water/sensory play area, and hopefully an outdoor music area.  The indoor space has 30’ ceilings, and lots of windows. We will have 4 rooms, grouped by age.  Each room will have a quiet corner, a block corner, dramatic play centre.  Creative and sensory activities will be conducted with covid protocols in place.