Planning a food menu for 90 kids!

Have you ever created a menu for 90?

Cooking for 90 different little appetites can be quite a chore.  First, you need to meet Canada‚Äôs Food Guide recommendations.  Then you need to take into account allergy and food preferences, and costs.  Our centre prides itself on our menu.  We have a 5week rotating menu consisting of a daily morning snack, lunch, and afternoon snack.  Our snacks contain at least 2 food groups and our lunches contain all 4 food groups.  We choose to limit sugary snacks to only special occasions like birthdays, graduations, farewells, and theme parties.  We prefer to make our muffins, cookies, and loaves from scratch, instead of premade, or store-bought.  By making our baked goods from scratch we can control the amount of sugar in our meals.

We are a peanut-free facility and strive to make sure there is zero exposure, we ask our parents to cook any foods brought in ahead of time.  No child will ever be forced to eat, we encourage children to try new things, but never punish them for not eating.  Children are provided with healthy portions of food.  In our new center, we are going to have a recipe for the month to share with all our families.