Interacting with children!

Interacting with children is great done on their level.  Sometimes that is cognitively and sometimes it is physically.  Little people love to play with us.  If you get down to their level they may decide to involve you in their dramatic play and have you act out a certain part in their imaginative play.  The children may tell you what you can play with and how to play with it correctly.

Allowing a child to lead the play not only empowers their self-confidence but also increases their social skills.  It is important to interact with children, not just talk to the children.  Asking open-ended questions gives them an opportunity to share what is on their minds.  Babbling with an infant is a great start to early language skills.  Sounds are our beginning words.  Take every opportunity to add new words into a child’s life.  Whether you are talking about the color of an object or more in-depth about how an object is made may inspire a child to ask more questions about the world around them.

As the director of Munchkin Mansion, don’t be surprised if you see me laying on the floor or playing in the sandbox with your child.  Dress clothes or not I will always be a child at heart.  I love learning from your children as much as I love teaching them.