Playing at daycare is our job!

Playing at a daycare is our job!

How many of you can say you get paid to play? Yes, there are definitely times that our jobs aren’t the most fun.  Helping a child through separation anxiety can be stressful on the parents, the child, and even the staff. 

The bonds we create with your children stick with us our entire lives! I have children from my very first preschool room still staying in contact.  Learning through a child’s eyes teaches us as much as we teach our children.  

Infectious giggles, can’t help to make a person smile.  The staff at Munchkin Mansion love to have fun! Dress up for giggles, get down and dirty to make a mud pie, we do it all.  The staff will always greet you and your littles at drops in the mornings and say our goodbyes in the afternoons.  

Your littles warm our hearts, and make our jobs worth going to every day!