Why are the spaghetti and milk so green?

Green, Green, I See Green!

With yesterday being St.Patrick’s day our staff chose to celebrate green all day at the daycare.  Our foods were green, weather by nature, or by food dye assistance.  Some children thought their noodles tasted better than normal, some thought it was gross.  The simple task of changing the color of everyday food can have huge reactions and open up discussions.

Did our green milk come from a green cow? I don’t like green noodles! How do you think green noodles are made? Making children wonder and explore their world by asking questions not only expands their vocabulary but teaches them to think.

Every moment of life can be made into a learning opportunity if we take it.  Mealtimes can include counting how many peas are on a plate, spelling a new word, pronouncing new words.  Kids are naturally inquisitive, but if we don’t encourage them to ask where rice comes for example.  Then they may grow up thinking it comes from the grocery store, not a field of water?  Anytime I can’t answer a question asked by a child, google and youtube can teach me as well as the child.