“The Wheels on the bus go round and round”

Singing and repetition

Children of all ages love music.  Yes we are not all musical, and even some of us are tone deaf.  I will be the first to admit I am not the least bit musically inclined.  I always used to say “I only sing to 3yr olds because they won’t tell me I am tone deaf”, but I had to take that back the day a child told me “you are singing that wrong”.  

Singing encourages language development, and songs of rote develop our memory skills.  Action songs increase social interactions and even develop our motor skills and coordination.  Children always have their ears turned on, and will fall in love with a song on the radio, the tv, or at an Early learning centre.  

Getting a song stuck in your head at an Early Learning Centre can be a chore to remove it at the end of the day.  We always hope that your children go home singing a song.  If you ever wonder what your child is singing or enacting, just ask a staff member and I bet they can tell you what the song is.