Benefits of outdoor play in warmer weather

At Munchkin Mansion we believe in outdoor play!  Not only is communicable disease transmission lower in the outdoors, but the immune function is enhanced with increased active outdoor play and physical activity.  Outdoor play also supports an array of physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual, and environmental health benefits.

The Children develop new skills and confidence in being able to climb a climber or swing on a swing.  An infant also enjoys it outside, in the winter they can experience new textures, and in the summer grass is always a new feeling for infants.

Our staff enjoy playing outside as well, and encourage social interactions, and turn taking.  Plus a little fresh air, always makes nap time a little better!

Our new centre is going to have 7200sq feet of fenced outdoor space.  We are so excited to take our indoors out, and experience new learning opportunities!!!!